These examinations are to establish:


  • the nature of the injury, disability or medical condition

  • the cause of the injury, disability or medical condition

  • if the injury, disability or medical condition is a direct result of an accident or work conditions

  • if an underlying condition has aggravated the injury, disability or medical condition


Referrals for medico-legal consulting examinations are usually arranged by solicitors or parties to any legal action such as the employer or insurance companies.


A full report will be sent to the referrer. Medico-legal reports are confidential and Dr Slezak is not able to give the patient an opinion about their condition or treatment.

Dr Slezak is not an employed by any insurance company or legal firm.


His medico-legal consulting report is written entirely on the basis of his examination and he does not take sides in any legal cases.



Dr Slezak is highly regarded for his many years of independent and impartial medico-legal consulting examinations to support legal cases for serious injuries, disabilities and medical conditions attributed to accidents and/or workplace injuries.

Patients referred for medico-legal examinations are treated with care and respect and examinations are approached with complete objectivity.


The comfort of the patient is ensured at all times during the examination